YariLoves | What This Page Is (or Isn’t)
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What This Page Is (or Isn’t)

I make no promises. I don’t mean in general, but in regards to this page. I know the point of having an introduction is so you can get to know me and we can relate better to one another. But does it matter? You either like my writings or you don’t. Would it matter if I’m like you or different from you? If we look the same or don’t?

I make no promises as to what this is or what it will evolve to. I actually am not quite sure why I decided to post these online. I could have just as easily kept a written journal or type these up on Evernote. Perhaps it’s because I’m hoping they’ll be found and I’ll start having something to bounce thoughts off of. Perhaps it’s just because I know I’m more likely to be consistent if it’s “out there”, but if no one’s reading, then who cares, right?

Still, I make no promises. Not about the content or topic, not about how often I’ll write or not write. Perhaps it’s easier that way. If there’s no commitment, then it doesn’t matter if I fail. And what constitutes failing anyhow?

So as you can see, this is more of a collection of random thoughts. Some might be complete, some might have a resolution, others not. I might rant or express gratitude. They may be abstract and sometimes I’ll share examples.

For now, I just felt to write.

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