YariLoves | There’s Beauty in the Breakdown
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There’s Beauty in the Breakdown

So let go
And jump in
Oh well whatcha waiting for?
It’s all right
‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
~ Let Go, Frou Frou


Have you ever listened to a song for so long and one day come to realize that you’ve heard it all wrong? I’ll be singing something the way I thought was correct and all the sudden someone corrects me or I’ll find the real lyrics.

I was listening to Let Go by Frou Frou yesterday and a line stood out: “There’s beauty in everything.” But that’s not actually what the lyrics says. She says “There’s beauty in the breakdown.” I only realized this because I wanted to share that in my IG story and I wanted to look up the line right before it. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the lyrics were “wrong” on not just one site, but several, lol.

I told Jes, you know that I’ve always heard “there’s beauty in everything”? And she was so surprised because how do you even get “everything” from “the breakdown”? And so I’m sitting here, wondering how I could have heard it so wrong for so long?! Because now when I listen to it with the lyrics in front of me, it’s clear as day that she says “the breakdown.” Although I won’t lie, I can still hear “everything” sometimes. I think I just always assumed that she just said it funnily. Like the way Tori sometimes changes the articulation of certain words to fit her song.

Maybe we just hear what we want to hear. Maybe the first time I heard that song, I wanted to believe that there’s beauty in everything and just never looked back. My mind got used to those lyrics and had no reason to question it.

I see this play out in other areas of my life, not just songs. I think somethingĀ is one way, but I’m faced with the opportunity to see it another way. Sometimes this new perspective changes my mind, other times it just solidifies what I originally thought.

The important thing, I think, is staying open to change. Expanding my awareness of what things could be. Not necessarily believing anything anyone says simply because it’s a different way of seeing a thing, but really being open to thinking for myself whether what I have believed for so long is true. It may be. It may not. Or maybe something that was true back then can be morphed into something new.

Being open to new song lyrics might be a silly example, but I find that seeing the practical application in the “small” things, helps me apply it to the “bigger” things. Is there a limiting belief that I can let go of? Have I been doing things for so long that I’ve forgotten to look back and see if this is still the best way to do it? Are there patterns that no longer serve me? Ways of thinking that I may need to “breakdown” in order to form new ideas…

I still think There’s Beauty in Everything, but I’m also willing to see that There’s Beauty in the Breakdown.

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