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What I’m Up to Right Now

Forever Update

  • There’s always a very high likelihood that right now, I’m drinking tea, lol

Last updated June 14, 2019

  • I’ve just signed up to Exercise Your French by Comme Une Française. I really want to work on my French comprehension. I still have to finish the prior course I purchased tho, so it might be a bit before I get to this one. I also have to get over my fear of speaking it out loud and sounding stupid, sigh.
  • Recently relaunched to my Brand Strategy & Design studio services and website. Also been reworking some of my systems to streamline my client process. Of course, I’m sharing all of that over on the newsletter and blog.
  • I’ve been slacking a bit with my doodles, but I did hop onto #mermay towards the end and made 3 Alice in Wonderland inspired merfolk which you can see on my IG @yaridoodles
  • Still focusing on following my intuition and spending a little more time on pondering
  • I’m loving watching recipe videos by Pick Up Limes and have tried a couple from High Carb Hannah as well. I’m not necessarily looking to make my way to vegan, but I do want to include more plant-based foods in my diet

What I’m Into

  • Watching: Easy, True Blood, Saving Grace, Parenthood. Also been binging on Pypah’s Art on Youtube, I love her illustration tutorials
  • Reading: A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle
  • Listening to: Armchair Expert Podcast (I’m a little obsessed)
  • Loving:
    • This quote from Regina Spektor’s Firewood song: Love what you have and you’ll have more to love
    • I’m on a flamenco kick, been building a playlist on Spotify
  • Looking forward to:
    • Meeting my new little nephew in July
    • Turning 40 at the end of July (in Paris, peut-être?)
    • Starting the new season of The Handmaid’s Tale

This page is a quick update of what I’m up to at the moment, inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now Page. My goal is to update it every couple of months, so if you see this and it’s quite out of date, feel free to send me a nudge 😉

Ps. None of the above links are affiliates, just sharing in case you want more info