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Digital Portraits & Commissions

Want a digital portrait of you or a loved one? Then you’re in luck!

I’ll be taking a limited number of custom portrait requests. Below is an overview of pricing, details on how to request one and payment options. Please review this page as it will likely answer any questions you may have.

General Information

  • Be sure to review my illustration style to ensure it fits your needs. I create stylized illustrations, mostly girls, so if you ask me for something in a photo-realism or painterly style, we might not be a good fit.
  • Note that the portraits I’m offering are only digital at this time. This means you’ll receive a high-quality JPG file that you can share online or print for yourself if you like.
  • Illustrations are intended for personal use, not professional/commercial use. Contact me before purchase for additional use.
  • You’ll have the choice of portrait size, either a Square (for easy social media share) or 8×10 (20.32 × 25.4 cm / 2400 x 3000 px)
  • I reserve the right to decline a request if the subject matter is inappropriate. I will not draw any commissions that are derogatory, offensive, violent or intolerant in nature.


  • "Sharpie" Doodle

  • $25/mo
    • Simplified Face or Bust
    • Black lineart (no additional color)
    • White background
    • Square or 8×10
    • JPG File
    • 300 dpi

  • Single Color Portrait

  • $40/mo
    • Face or Bust
    • Single color lineart (optional accents in additional color)
    • White background
    • Square or 8×10
    • JPG File
    • 300 dpi

  • Full Color Portrait

  • $75/mo
    • Face or Bust
    • Full color
    • Solid color or minimal pattern background
    • Square or 8×10
    • JPG File
    • 300 dpi

*Prices are listed in US dollars (USD)

Additional humans for "Sharpie" Doodle (each)
Additional humans for Single Color Portrait (each)
Additional humans for Full Color Portrait (each)
Floral / Plant Border

Additional Information

How do I order a digital portrait?

If you want to order a portrait for yourself or a loved one, use the form below to provide me with your info and let me know what type of portrait you’re interested in (and any add-ons you might want).

We’ll confirm the details and cost and I’ll then send you a Venmo or PayPal request for full payment. Upon full payment, you can send me your reference images (if you haven’t already) and I can get started on your illustration!

What do you need from me for my portrait?

I’ll need a sharp, clear image of you. You can send up to 3 images for me to reference, just ensure that I can clearly see your face and hair (if applicable). Make sure the image isn’t too dark, too blurry or too small. If I can’t see you, I can’t draw you! 😉

I might need another size for my portrait, is that possible?

I’m happy to chat if you have a different size need. However, let’s be sure we’re both clear on dimensions before I get started.

Will I also get a printed version?

At this time, I’m only offering digital portraits, which means you’ll receive an electronic file (JPG) that you can use online in your social media platforms or you can use to print on your own if you’d like.

Can I use my illustration as my logo? Can I use it on prints or to sell merchandise?

Illustrations are intended for personal use, not professional/commercial use.  If you intend to use your illustration as part of a logo, printed materials or on merchandise, please contact me before purchasing to discuss as additional fees will apply.

Can I get a full body illustration? I only see head or bust listed.

I’m offering face/bust illustrations at this time, but can accommodate full body at an additional fee. Happy to discuss your needs.

Do you only draw girls? What about guys? Or pets?

I primarily draw girls, however, I have drawn guys as well, usually as a couple’s portrait. If you’d like to include your furbaby in your portrait, I could also accommodate that.

Feel free to reach out with the form below if you want to share more specifics or connect to show me your references.

What if I want a custom background?

At this time custom backgrounds are not included. If you have something specific in mind, please use the form below to let me know your thoughts and I can advise on cost.

I like your mermaid drawings, can you make me a mermaid?

Yay, thank you. I’m considering adding custom mermaid portraits in the future. If you can’t wait, use the form below and we can chat.

I want a digital portrait!

Use the form below to request a digital portrait or to ask questions about a portrait you’d like me to work on.

1 additional human2 additional humans3+ additional humansPet(s)Other (explain in details section)


Look forward to getting started on your lovely illustration!